Web Solutions for your Booster Club

Booster Web Solutions is focused on helping Athletic Booster clubs provide a quality website for their fans and supporters. Communication is a key ingredient to any succesful Booster Club. We help your booster club share information, calendars, events, news, rosters, schedules and much more using an easy to use web interface.

We understand some of the challenges organizations have managing athletic team websites and booster club websites. Are you struggling with any of these issues?

  • Clubs are volunteer organizations
  • High turn over / lack of transition to new people.
  • Each athletic team may have a separate booster club.
  • Each athletic teams has a different website.
  • Athletic team websites are not linked together to provide a common experience.
  • Some teams can not afford a website

Booster Web Solutions helps booster clubs provide an easy way to stay in touch with fan and fundraising communities. By consolidating all your websites, and having a common web experience for all the athletic teams and booster club, you will improve your reach within your community.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using a Booster Web Solutions designed website:

  • Common look and feel for all the websites - This provides a feeling of community, organization and support.
  • Central location for all athletic team and booster websites - provides your community easy access to all the teams and information in one location.
  • Web interface to edit and update content - You don't need someone with HTML experience to edit the website. Anyone can make changes from any web browser.
  • Reduced cost - by combining all the teams to a single managed website, this can be shared across all the teams and even the smaller teams can now afford a web presence. The web interface means you don't need to hire a webmaster to maintain your websites.
  • Delegated administration - each team or section can have a different administrator, so you don't need one person to make all the edits.
  • Training - as your organization changes, we can help to train the new administrators.

At Booster Web Solutions we are focused on just one thing, Making your Booster Club's Website the best it can be. By focusing on athletic and booster websites, we have a deep understanding of the needs for your booster site.